Acknowledgements & Thanks

In addition to: the Funders, University of Guelph partners, the gentle Tree Team members,
 and creative team; plus, of course, THE TREES

Thank you

How To Draw a Tree Facebook Group (Jan Hamilton)
Carolyn Pelletier 
Steve Wadhams 
Melanie Bowman
Don Moore
Didi Mooij
Poppy, my dog
Polly Simard
Aron Fezekas
Nik Tjelios
Dawn Ann Webster
Greg Tarlin
Karen Houle
Gary Page from Page Graphics
Don Russell
Wayne Tucker
Todd Fell
Matt Solstys
Micheal Orr
Denise Fell
Doug Larson
Kyra Vermond
Elia Morrison
Steve Paiero
Bry Webb
Old Lumpy
The wind

Dedicated to friends and family living and no longer living with challenging mental health conditions.