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decorative postcard for How To Draw a Tree launch at The Arboretum 2023

Join us Sept. 9 at The Arboretum for the official launch of of 4 sound walks in The Arboretum, University of Guelph and the Reciprocal Tree Planting and Ceremony at the Tree Wellness Circle.

This is the map of all the locations of the How to Draw a Tree sound walk.

If you are WALKING ONSITE please go to the ONSITE SOUND WALK page to experience the walk as intended.

If you are visiting online, explore the virtual version of the walk.

Listen to the introduction and instructions here.

Download the full walk here

My name is Dawn Matheson and I’m the artist behind this work. Richelle Forsey created this visual version here on this site. We will tell you a bit about this project first, then we will head to the start of the walk. 

You have just been linked to a story told with sound as you walk along a mapped route at the Arboretum at the University of Guelph in Guelph, Canada. 

We highly recommend you try this site-specific walk if you can access it. GO to the Campus entrance of The Arboretum where there is a parking lot and a kiosk. Scan the QR code at the sign post — here the forest is a co-narrator AND provides all the visuals, which is the best art you will ever witness.

You can also listen here from anywhere to experience a visual, accessible version of this sound walk on this website. 

This is the first sound walk in hopefully many to come, when this project moves into its second phase involving University of Guelph students. 

The title, HOW TO DRAW A TREE, is a play on words. It’s not really about drawing trees, though you can if you want. 

This project looks at ways in which we can draw trees and nature to us for our mutual benefit…I believe that we’ve come apart and that is making us both ill. 

So, that is what we are doing on this walk—finding ways to get back together.

While this story isn’t a sad one (It’s actually a love story)— mental illness is discussed…  So, if anything that is said brings up feelings that overwhelm, please visit the resources tab to access help. 

This walk is a little over 2 kilometres and should take a bit over an hour. This is not a fitness walk— in fact, it is the opposite.  I’m hoping you will take it SLOW…Inch along the forest floor like a millipede. Try to follow the pace of the footsteps in soundtrack. It isn’t easy to go slow some of us! But you will be amazed at what you notice when you do! 

NOTE: This is the complete walk as one sound file. If you are WALKING ONSITE please go to The SOUND WALK page.